Coming soon…

My new book on the Hebrew Roots Movement is just around the corner. The Spanish version was released in October of 2022, and now it will finally be available in English for a wider readership.

I am hopeful that this enhanced edition, with brand-new content and some additional features, will prove to be a valuable tool for all those who have to wrestle in one form or another with this movement that is urging Christians everywhere to embrace the law of Moses. Keeping Torah, we are told, is the kind of life God intended all of us to live, Jews and non-Jews alike, and the only sure way to get back to our original roots as believers.

The book assesses the basic claims of the HRM, giving an overview of its origins, core teachings, and biblical interpretations, as well as offering some interesting and valuable insights into one of the most significant spiritual movements of our day. Whether one is a proponent, a critic, or simply curious about the HRM, this primer aims at providing some light on a highly controversial and divisive issue.