New Book Available!

My book, The Hebrew Roots Movement: A critical analysis of its origins, teachings & biblical interpretations, is now available on Amazon worldwide.

The Hebrew Roots Movement (HRM) is a religious movement that has gained significant popularity in recent decades, particularly within the Christian community. HRM emphasizes studying and observing the Hebrew Bible, or Torah, to deepen one’s connection to God. 

This book critically analyzes HRM and its impact on the Christian faith by exploring its history, fundamental beliefs and influences, and its relationship to other religious movements such as Messianic Judaism. Whether you’re a scholar or a layperson, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding this growing movement and its place in contemporary Christianity. The goal is not to discredit or dismiss the HRM but to provide an objective and nuanced analysis of its beliefs and practices. Take advantage of this fascinating and enlightening read!

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